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5 Christian Movies You Must Watch This Period

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See! the gospel world is full of mysteries, here in Africa, we have not really known multiple nice and beautiful movies exists. I personally watched and selected five Christian movies you can watch (even) with children and be blessed.  Just take some chin-chin or puff puff, sit in front of your screen, click and watch.


Written and produced by Gloria Bamiloye, this recent movie reveals to us the importance of a mother, especially the one we get by law after marriage. Given the fact that it has caused many injuries to various families. And watching this movie made me to actually access the several blessings attached to a mother-in-law which I did not know before. Besides I am convinced many others still fail to acknowledge by ignorance. And you know what the Word of God says in Hosea 4:6. So, do not be among those who are destroyed because of their obliviousness and refusal to access knowledge as you watch this uplifting movie.


As its title promises, this movie exposes the divine strategies God puts in place in the lives of His children to glorify Himself. It is the story of a pastor who went through many trials and almost gave up when a word came from the Lord to encourage him in His work. Throughout the two parts of this movie, we are admonished to stay firm in the Lord and take a retreat when we feel the spirit of God at work in us is weakening by the diverse activities, we carry on daily. It also urges us to recognize false men of God who take advantage of the people of God for their own profit. It is a good reminder that there are no shortcuts to glory, one ought to work hard while waiting on the Lord.


To all our sisters and brothers waiting for their life partners, this is the movie. Two Christians who are going through fire in their respective love relationships. Gbemi waiting on a God for a man after His own heart but keeps meeting unworthy men. She however comes out victorious later as she finds a man who has been deceived in his previous relationship but still waited on God. You want to know who the man is abi? Get the movie and we will talk about that.


There are indeed forces against godly marriages that produce solid homes and godly children who are raised to live a righteous life in this rotten society. This is why they make marriages undesirable so as to raise godless children who endanger the society. Children as godless as those of prophet Eli to make them their instrument. Angela and James Lawanson gave room to the devil in their home letting verbal as well as physical violence and immorality in. But with the prayers and patience of the wife, things came back into order and the destiny of their daughter could not be tampered with. This movie written by Mike Bamiloye is a great jam I admonish you to really pay attention to as it heals your marriage or changes the view you have of that.


Lanmi Washik a role played by Sophie Alakija is a renowned architect who teaches in Sunday school but she hides a secret. Which will later on be revealed by her best friend and almost ruin her career. If not with the help of God she would have taken away her life by herself. This Christian Nollywood movie once more shows us that we must be Christians with proofs and deeds. Not only words because people are watching us. I did not forget about the secret, but you better go and find it by yourself by watching.

This movies’ selection is a good one to watch with children without any fear of embarrassment rather, an opportunity to learn with them and be encouraged in the Lord. I look forward to watching many more to come and bless this wonderful audience with the titles. Do not forget to give your feedback on these and give us some other titles we could watch and review for you in the comment section below.

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